Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello friends,
           Finally all our celebrations is ending up for this year with CHRISTMAS.Next year everything will be revised in new ways & means. People here in India, had really a tough time this year, specially the poor people who are still below poverty line.The price hike in petrol and Diesel products compounded to the hike in prices of vegetable and food items.The amount of hike happened in all spheres have put their life in dire straits. The rise in price of Diesel has made cost of food grains higher due to rise in cost of transport.How those down trodden people whose earnings are even below Rs. 50.00 per day will survive with a family of  two on top? We all talk about the rise in population in this country and blame the issue as the major reason of putting us in back step.But how far do we take steps at our end to resolve the issue? How many of us actually take any interest to educate those people on this issue? People from rich  and upperclass society always boast about their affluence but how many of them in real terms take the pain to adopt a child from those houses?
The answer is very less in all cases.Then,how the new borns in those houses will get those basic medicines and food to develop? Why do we expect that the agenda "Rise in Population" will get solved in natural terms.Its absurd in my view.
         WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE YEAR 2012? I think we all had same question in our mind .No one knows what future has in store for us but we all know that time which has gone will never return .
          God knows how these poor  people will manage in this regime of inflation? How the next generation is going to survive if this situation persists.Is there any solution? Earlier in this year, we got number of scams & scandals.And now the case of raising prices of any basic requirements of an human being which are food ,cloth & shelter.
          Nobody who are in power and have wealth is bothered about this prime issue .When will these people awake of the duties they expected to perform? Its definite that at-least in any subconscious state of mind, they receive the call of their soul but when will they actually listen to their souls? The answer is:
 NO........Atleast NOT FOR NOW...

BUT LET'S HOPE FOR THE BEST....................
                AND lets  "WELCOME 2012"

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